Happy halloween

Happy halloween to all!

We did first carving this year.
Nina wanted him to have ears….so our pumpkin has ears and eyebrows.


Be a big girl

She started go to a day care in the middle of June.

She loves it!
She remember more new words everyday.
I wonder if I can know more details how she is doing at school.

She becomes cranky girl when she is home.
A tiny thing, she gets upset easily.
She cries and throw things.(-_-;)

So far, she fought with one of kids over a toy.
I think she took a toy.
The other kid bit her leg(^_^;)

Today, she said ”yes” when I asked her “you had a fun?”
So far,she is doing good.

She became 3 years old on June 28th.
Happy birthday my sunshine.

Pic: leaving for first day of school.

To see duckies







We went to a small lake to see baby geese.
I have known where we would see them through my friend’s blog but I didn’t know when.

I visited her blog and searched.
About this time around!!!

She met many turtles( BIG Ones,too!), dragonflies,ducks, doggies.
She wanted to hug them.



Gone Gone!

We had rain last night… Even I don’t remember when we had a rain last time…

Usually, around this time, we have lots of T-storm and wash out pollen often, but this year… we have not had so much rain.

Temperature is back to normal about 70F(20C) FEELS GOOD today!

I applied Fire Ants Killer a couple days ago… and last night rain.
We can enjoy less heat, less pollen 🙂

Only 1 concern about …. is…. After Rain Aggressive Fire Ants (ARAFA)
3 girls and I went backyard… while girls were playing, I checked.
I couldn’t see any ARAFA. at least today anyway… I hope they are all gone though.

3 girls had a fun outside!!

btw… “Gone Gone” is Nina’s word



We have a so much pollen fallen .
Every thing outside turns yellow and greenish.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!

Almost today is over.. I bet it will be tomorrow before I post this one.
Last year, Nina did egg hunt at grandpa & grandma’s house.
This year… Grandpa brought dyed eggs and easter basket with full of toy and another toy.
I think grands want to buy girl’s toys for her.. but well… who she is after???
She loves Airplane, Cars, etc..etc…
so they bought her Easter basket with cars.

She loved them!!!
She was playing for awhile!!

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!!

A little Fun

Since it has been HOT weather here, we have not played outside long hour, so Hana and Lucy need to run around yard everyday even a very short time.

Usually, I don’t have a time to take them out like a weekdays.

but today… after I fed Hana and Lucy, I sneaked out with Hana and Lucy without Nina.
Nina always come with us. it is just Hana and Lucy’s potty time.

I heard her screaming and saw she opened a screen door and was trying to come out.
She came out even her daddy was screaming “Stop!!”

well.. Hana and Lucy couldn’t play outside today… and it was not hot anymore.
We had a little fun time all together.
Hana was usually trying to find something… so walking around.. sometimes chasing each other with Lucy.
Nina was playing one of disk and Lucy, Daddy and me were playing with a disk.

All of us playing outside even 15 minutes… Good Family time which is barely we have.

He put Nina on a small tree…. even I was trying to stop him to do that..

Nina changes her clothes 3,4 times a day… by herself.

The pants she worn that time… it was clean!! she just changed it. so I was thinking she could wear tomorrow,too… well.. not anymore!! (-“-;)

By the way…. Oreo is 100% inside cat… she enjoys herself without anyone chases or bothers her around while we are outside to play 🙂