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I got it I got it!!

Finally I could take pictures of Hummingbird!!!

Usually, they come while I am washing dishes…
The day, he/she came while I was washing dishes… go figure!!
so I asked my husband to get a camera and take the picture!!

First… he asked me

Where is the camera?
How turn it on?
How zoom up?

The bird was staying long!!
so we could take a picture!!!

Where are you bird??!! ( ̄▽ ̄;)

This long staying hummingbird has visited almost everyday!!
so I got another chance to take a picture!!!

He was not hovering but I could take a picture!!!

hmmmm….. I need SLR camera… hey!! we have a wed anniversary comes up soon!!
oops… no money 。゚(゚´(00)`゚)゚。

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People often said that You will have a memory problem.
but true is, at least my case, will get much forgetful even after had a baby!!!!!

My memory is terrible !! not only my computer!!! ( ̄Д ̄;;

1. I could not find my watch!! and I could not keep in mind to look for the watch either!!!!!!
It took me about a month to find the watch!
I found under a bed….. λ……..

2. I lost both of my nail clippers!!!!!!!
I knew I would loose if I put a nail clipper here!!! that I was thinking but my wild animal.. oh… my wild daughter was crying and screaming… so I put it somewhere.

Guess what?!!! I forgot where I put on( ̄ ̄ ̄∇ ̄ ̄ ̄;
I was looking for my nail clipper!!and I found it!!!!!!! that was different one. I lost one and found another.
Uhmm….. nice job!!ヾ( ̄o ̄;)

3. I lost Nina’s bottle!!!!!! well… that was not only my fault!! because she holds anything and walking around and then drop somewhere…

I found the same day!! Yippie!!!! but I lost her folk yesterday ( ̄Д ̄;;
I have no idea where it is… did I mistaken throw into a trash can with something? or as usual… she was holding it and just dropped somewhere I could find….

4. I was talking to Hana( our dog) and…. ” NIna!! (daughter’s name) sit!!”(ーー;)

when I was a kid, I often told my mom about don’t call me my sister’s name… but THE HISTORY WILL BE REPEATED.
(〃 ̄∇ ̄)ノ彡☆

Recently I am aware of …. “Why I am coming here???? I come to pick up something?? or Am I going to other room???” ( ̄◇ ̄;)
I sometimes can’t remember what I did morning!!!!!! I remember what I ate for breakfast!!!!! because most of time it is cereal.

well…. I may need a good long refresh and relax time( ̄▽ ̄;)
or do I need upgrade my memories??
but at least… I still have a better memory than DADDY!!(〃 ̄∇ ̄)ノ彡☆

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ヽ(= ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄∇ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄=)ノ <- try to give you smile!!

How long I have not posted here?????
That was why I gave you smile……

Last time was on March!!!! well… I am sorry about such a long absent.
well… let see….
Nina became 1 year old in June.
We had so great birthday party for her.
She is already walking all over and dancing with music and climbing up on everything.
She has 4 &4 teeth and bites me many times (ーー;)

well…. I have been working on Daddy’s computer.
I don’t know how many times I re-installed OS in these days.
I though it was fixed!!!!
but next day,,,, did it again.

Finally, I found TOOL for checking up DISK and so many files which were a part of Operation system were missing or bad.
AND it was fine!!!!!!! Yipppyyyyyyy!!!!

On next day, CHECKING DISK …… BAD!! msg was appeared.
that was yesterday.
It repeated every times I restarted computer.

I took one of my HDD and now what???!!!!!!!
The computer said “NT … something something is missing”


I searched on the Internet…. they said that the error message is not common!!!
Barely can see it!!!!!!
Is that like a “SAD MAC” ?

I did not know how many times I wanted to scream ” I DO NOT LIKE BILL G@TES!!!!!”
yes.. I am a Mac person… I have used Mac for more than 15 years.
well.. actually I screamed a couple times ( ̄▽ ̄;)

Anyway, I had to change BIOS( what’s the heck is that???) setting to start up with CD-ROM( I don’t know why the BIOS setting was changed)

FINALLY!!!!! WINDOWS SET UP!!! was starting!!!!!!!!!


I don’t need so many…..

well.. I just missed the screen to hit ENTER to continue

now….. I finally finally finally finished to install Windows and applications.
my old 10G HDD is reborn as Bill g@tes machine. ( HDD has an apple mark on it( ̄m ̄〃)
The HDD is so old… close to 10 years… so it will be temporary until Daddy gets a new JOB!!!!!

etc…..etc…… many things have happened us right now.
I hope the bright light shines for us tomorrow and tomorrow.

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Nina went to her 9 month check up this morning!!
We couldn’t go to her second flu shot( ̄▽ ̄;) and almost couldn’t make an appointment for her check-up.

We are going to see Doctor!!

This time, Car was a kind of FINE!!
Before we hit an interstate, Daddy said ” oh no… the car engine is going off” with his small voice… but his small voice is NORMAL voice for others( ̄∀ ̄)
Of course, I could hear what he said…. ( ̄Д ̄;;WHAT DID YOU SAY ?????
┃wall┃ω ̄=) ジィー‥‥‥really???

Nothing happened… we got the Dr’s office.
She was almost sleeping though…. she talked and talked and talked…. while we were waiting.
then… she was tired to sitting on a car seat.
We waited about 30 minutes.

Finally her turn!!!
She was 18 lbs 4 oz(about 8300g) and 26 in( about 67cm)
Every time she visited her Dr…. she torn up paper on the exam bed!!!
She enjoyed it so much….. well… we had to hold her and wait.
This time, we had a BIIIIIGGGGGGG helper!!!

We have given Japanese baby finger foods… but they are gone!!
We picked up at a grocery store yesterday and she loved it!!!!

Finally, Doctor and medical student(this time) came in.
She has been smiling the YONG NICE STUDENT!! so have I( ̄m ̄* )

After checking up by Dr.
She needed to get 2 shots(Polio and Hep B) and also … what is called?? checking blood of iron.
She was crying for a shot… but I was lightly holding her shoulder.
and then I held her she stopped!!
she was usually crying 5-10 minutes when Daddy held.

A way back home, she was sleeping and didn’t know when she came home and slept on a floor.

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She had her first Easter last Sunday(actually that was yesterday!!!)
BUT! we did not do anything( ̄▽ ̄;)

Only I took pictures of her with her new clothes which her grandpa and grandma brought on other day.
On Saturday, Daddy was working… so I had a plenty of time!!!!

The rabbit was an Easter gift from grandpa and grandma!!
There was 2 rabbits with munchies!! ( well… Daddy and I enjoyed them)

This one was like a sailor!! There was a hat with the two pieces of clothes.
(well she is a Retiree Army brat though)
When I was taking pictures… I remembered she had a rabbit ear!!
so I put it on!!

At the same night, Grandpa and Grandma were supposed to come over and take pictures… but they changed to Tuesday or Wednesday because of grandpa’s work schedule.

I was going to take pictures with her lace-socks and shoes… and eggs(toy) with her easter bag…
well…. we will take pictures then.

During the day… she was SOOOOO cranky.
She finally fell sleep at 5pm!!!
I clipped Hana’s nails and hair on the paws while she was sleeping.
Daddy was touching( holding) Hana while I was working on Hana because she doesn’t like it!!
I almost finished 2 more nails !! she woke up… and about 5 minutes later, she fell and stack between a barricade( cardboard box and bookshelf) She was OK!! but she cried!!

Daddy took care of her because I had to clean up all hairs on me( Like a I was covered 100% wool*Hana is not sheep) and changed clothes and washed hands…. then I could go.

It was already 6pm or so… and I was tired to cook something special.
I cooked Gyoza(Chinese dumplings) and heated up cans of peas and corn and NATTO with rice.
Nothing Easter for the night’s supper!!!( ̄▽ ̄;)

Please leave your comment that encourages me to keep on!!!

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It was already a week ago!!!! I have been busy and lazy after finishing the party( ̄▽ ̄;)

I started cooking from Saturday night!!!!
I baked a roll cake and cooked spam and eggs for next day.

My friend came earlier to help me.

That is FutoMaki I made at the morning.

Place a laver and then laid rice on it.
Front need 1cm space(no rice) and back 3cm space)

eggs, SPAM( I used LITE, and soaked with sugar and soy sauce for a while and flied) Avocado and Denbu( mashed fish boiled with sugar and soy sauce or salt: I asked my mom to send me a package)

and roll roll roll!!

Around the time, 15:00, they arrived.
Before start! Picture time!!

I cleaned up a living room, so people could sit and enjoy the party…. but most of his relatives went to a Den because Nina(Daughter) was there!! Go figure(〃 ̄∇ ̄)ノ彡☆
others stayed at a kitchen!!!!

From top(right) to clockwise;
Inari sushi, Chirashi sushi, Potato salad, (to bottom right) Nagoya style chicken and Futomaki

Daddy(my husband) went to a store to get a back of ice earlier and he bought a couple of shrimps packs!!

He boiled and served…. but he held the bowl and ate most of them!!!!
He used to be over 300 of Cholesterol and his doctor did warning!!

When they ate…. they ate at kitchen… and back to the Den to play with NINA (T▽T)
The population of Den was increased!!! and so as kitchen!!

And…. CAKE TIME!!!!┌| ∵|┘└| ∵|┐┌| ∵|┘└| ∵|┐yeah!yeah!!
The cake was from my new friend who is a Japanese and lives close to us.
She made a beautiful Hinamatsuri cake!!

She made a pair of Hina dolls(Emperor and Empress) on the top.
And color is Hishi mochi!!


Brought Nina in a kitchen and Daddy was holding her.
I cut a cake!! like a birthday!

Inside was Hishi mochi color,too!!!!!

I was soooo busy but I enjoyed the party!!!!
All guests enjoyed and loved the party and foods!!
His relatives have never lived out of country, nor this state!! so they had a chance to know other culture and foods.
We gave our daughter her first greatest Hina Matsuri in the world because of all guests and especially my new friend who made the cake and her husband. I wanted to add one person, My friend, who came earlier to help me.

Oh! about the roll cake I made….. my Japanese friend and I enjoyed it!!( ̄m ̄* )

♪Hina Matsuri Song♪

Akari o tsukemashou bonbori ni
あかりをつけましょ ぼんぼりに

Ohana o agemashou momo no hana
おはなをあげましょ もものはな

Go-nin bayashi no fue taiko

kyo wa tanoshii hinamatsuri

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