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My one of loving daughters, Hana, turned 11 years old today!!

A few month ago, I thought she would be gone and not made her 11th birthday… but she made it!
She didn’t move around nor eat at all and then, her right side of face, ear.. swollen up so bad.
We couldn’t see her right eye..
A few days later, her right eye was back but still ear .
She had bad diarrhea with blood.. not eat so much…
She lost lots of weight.


Later on, She was diagnosed with a cancer.
We decided not medical treatment, such as chemo, radiation, to take her home and spend a time with family and home.


She has a good appetite and spirit!!

I used to be worried to losing her with cancer or some type of clinical diseases…
but I feel more calm and I am preparing for her departure.

still… she is my special.
still… I want her to live a little more longer without so much suffering.


I am glad to say ” Happy Birthday Hana!!!!” today. yes.. still I can say today.


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