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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!

Almost today is over.. I bet it will be tomorrow before I post this one.
Last year, Nina did egg hunt at grandpa & grandma’s house.
This year… Grandpa brought dyed eggs and easter basket with full of toy and another toy.
I think grands want to buy girl’s toys for her.. but well… who she is after???
She loves Airplane, Cars, etc..etc…
so they bought her Easter basket with cars.

She loved them!!!
She was playing for awhile!!

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!!


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Hello All!!

It has been …. lots of months went by!!!
Since last post which was on September 2008!!!
My daughter powered up much more!!!!!

We much often need to go out side to play with Hana… and have had a chance to get right relationship between them.
I have been working on and fixing and training together!!
So far…. both of them are building good relationship.

She became 2 years old in June, do you know what does that mean?????
She is in “Terrible 2!!!”

2008 Winter (Left) 2009 Spring(right)

She starts practicing Chopsticks!!

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