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In this morning, I was still in PJ (I am off today)

Nina ” mama! time to go work!!”

Me “Mama off today”

N ” no work? no me school today? ”

M “no.. only Mama, you go to school ”

N “NO!!!! I stay home with Mama to help you”

She went to dada and ask him.

N “dada, I want to stay home with mama today”

Dada “you can stay home if Mama say OK, if she says No you can’t”

I wonder why he always use me and he knows I say no – -;


Nina came back to me ask….

N “mama, Can I”

M ” NOPE( ̄▽ ̄;)”


ブー (((( ——- ε ——- )))) ブー


M ” but I can take you school with dada”

N ” Yaayyyy!! I am going to get ready!!”


well… what’s difference I am not just in car or stay in a car with you..
she is fine every time she goes with Dada on weekends.

Every morning, when we ride on back seats together and play.
That’s only difference… so she needs me to a little short ride buddy to play with ( ̄▽ ̄;)

I usually do Nemo(one of her toy) and she do her Sharky ( Shark toy)


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Nina got letter set from Shimajiro (Japanese kids education system)

She drew a lot of pictures and some letters.
She taped it on an envelop… but she used both-side tape LOL
well… someone’s letter would be stuck with our mail to be delivered to Ji-ji and Ba-ba’s house.
That would not be nice.. so I cut wrapping paper and put on.. it looked decorated letter now.

We decided not to tell them until they get it.

Surprise!!!! will be on its way!!!
It will take about 10 days to get there… until then, I must let her keep quiet about the letter.

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She started go to a day care in the middle of June.

She loves it!
She remember more new words everyday.
I wonder if I can know more details how she is doing at school.

She becomes cranky girl when she is home.
A tiny thing, she gets upset easily.
She cries and throw things.(-_-;)

So far, she fought with one of kids over a toy.
I think she took a toy.
The other kid bit her leg(^_^;)

Today, she said ”yes” when I asked her “you had a fun?”
So far,she is doing good.

She became 3 years old on June 28th.
Happy birthday my sunshine.

Pic: leaving for first day of school.

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