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It has been wonderful weather in these days here… Columbia,SC.
but…. you don’t think a little too hot in April?

Bees were flying over… Nina was trying to say hello to….. BEES!

I have no idea where Bees and/or wasp are making a nest or staying in shade… Lucy was going under our deck… Hana does,too….
Please… give me 3,4 bodies to handle all girls and myself.

Not only bees and wasps we must check… FIREANTS!!!
After I had Nina.. I got allergic to fireants!!! Every time I got bits… swollen for a week!!
so… I must wear long pants and shoes and socks pull over my pants.
yes… IT IS so HOT !!!!

Anyone knows GOOD FIREANTS REMOVE stuff?

My Fire ants worry-free(Maybe) fashion…

by oakmaple

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