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I have recently started to bake a cake!!!

I was shocked colorful cakes in Los Angeles when I first saw them!!
That was shocking!!( ̄Д ̄;;
What I missed was Not so colorful, not too sweet Japanese Cakes!
well… I ate a couple of times though.

Why should it be so colorful???

Orange, green… yellow.. blue… very primary colors!!

Lots of artificial coloring… is it good for your health??
Many people were shocked cakes when they first saw!!

They are strawberry short cakes.( Christmas cakes though..)
Simple, not too sweet.. just right!!! (for most of us at least)

Now I have a daughter…. I do not want to give her cakes with too much artificial color.
so… I started to try own cake (* ̄∇ ̄*)
I used to be a manager of Crepe store in Japan.
but…. baking a cake??? that is different!!! I am not Antie Julia!!!
so.. I started to bake for a beginner!!!!

That is Roll cake!!! simple… easy.. I guessed!!

I got a recipe from website !!

I used manual whisk!!!! yes… I DID beat EGGS by manually!
I thought I would get a muscleache
Thanks to my daughter!!! I hold her everyday !!
My First ATTEMPT!!!

Uhmm…. too heavy … not enough whip cream…..
It was good!! for first time. I ate all!! 6((((≧▽≦))))6

AND… a week later… I tried it second time!!
Because… I got HAND MIXER!!!┏| ̄^ ̄* |┛

Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! LOOKS NICE!!!!!

( ̄∀ ̄) Wonderful!!!!!

This time, I put a little banana in it!!!

One more thing, this is not only my boom… also his…

Ms. Pacman
When we went to a Wal-mart… we found this.
We can play pac-man, race game… etc… total 5 games in it.
Every games, we both remember when we were kids… it does not matter in US or Japan.

He was good !! but I NOW KEEP the TOP on Pac-man!!!( ̄∇ ̄)v
He has not beaten me yet!!
I got a Top score of a racing game… ( he was crazy to get top score for that!! because he did race and also pit crew at NASCAR before) but he did!!! He got a TOP SCORE!!!!

I had not been able to play for a while… we played with the game on last Monday.
I DID beat him again!! I got THE TOP now┌| ∵|┘└| ∵|┐┌| ∵|┘└| ∵|┐

Our Daughter, Nina, plays ,too!! well she just WANTS to play, so she tries to get a console!!


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It has been a while ( ̄▽ ̄;)

I have been busy for taking care of Nina( our Daughter)
She is now a crawling champion!! She could not crawl perfectly.. she just jumped with her knees to go forward just a week ago.
But now!! she could move anywhere she wants!!
Of course, she can’t up steps yet.
When she was on her walker and in kitchen with me… She opened cabinet door!!
She tried to reach a trash bin, too( ̄_ ̄ i) that is no..no!

She will be a 8 months old about a week.. and her first Girl’s Festival is coming soon!!!

\(◎o◎)/! I must clean up!!!

Before cleaning up our house…. I tried to bake a roll cake!!(* ̄∇ ̄*)
My new friend will bring her original cake on the party… but I want to have my cake for her, too.(well.. We EAT)
First time, I tried to cake!!!! ( I used to be a manager of Crepe shop in Japan… though)

Let see…. too yellow.. that means I did not whisk enough egg yolk.
I thought I put enough whip cream… but not enough!!! so I just added cream with it( ̄m ̄* )

I NEED Auto Mixer!!!!!!! Too hard to whisk by a hand( ̄_ ̄ i)
but it taste good!!!! I will try it again soon!!

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She woke up 3:30am last night….
I hoped she was back to sleep herself…. but it was just my HOPE!!( ̄▽ ̄;)

After I came back from a bath room, and turned on a room light.
She did very bitter face.. like a “Why did you turn the light!!!!”
Finally, 1 hour later…. she was back to sleep.
well… someone told everybody that he would feed her and change her diaper middle of night and early morning…. before and after she was born…. where the promise went???

I hoped she woke up later… but it was just my hope AGAIN!!
She woke up as usual!!!!
but I could not wake up( ̄▽ ̄;)
She grabbed my hair and pulled…
She touched my face.. and grabbed( ̄_ ̄ i)
She was having fun!! I think… and it hurts to me!!

I finally woke up… and hoped she fell sleep earlier naps… it was just my hope again and again!!
It passed lunch time when she finally slept.
I cooked Ramen Noodle… and enjoyed my noodle in a half.
She woke up in 10 minutes!!
Finishing my noodle.. and lied down beside her and sang Japanese lullaby.
Most of time I sing the song, she smiled at me(* ̄∇ ̄*) however… she does not sleep( ̄_ ̄ i)

Finally… she fell sleep!!┏| ̄^ ̄* |┛Yeah!
but.. I could not fall sleep for a while. I finally started dozing off.
soon after I started dozing off… she woke up and played toys.
She screamed and she was under a table(she did 180 degree turn!!) and bumped her head on a table( ̄▽ ̄;)

We went to a bed and took a nap together!!

After we took our good nap( I was still sleepy though)
She said…. Mommy!!!!!! ( I guessed)
She usually said Ma-n-ma(まんま=food for Baby word in Japanese)
She has not been able to say clearly yet… but usually scream for Food(Formula or baby food)
It sounds close to Mama.. but there is “N” between “Ma”
but today!! She said it a little different!
She said ma—-mi—–
I brought her bottle.. but she was not look hungry.. she just smiled at me.. so I guessed and I hoped She called ME(* ̄∇ ̄*)

She has not said any word close to Daddy or Dada.. ( ̄∀ ̄)I won again!

I HOPE…. she sleep long tonight( ̄m ̄* )I HOPE

I have tried to speak in Japanese as much as I could.
Because, she is a Japanese,too… I want her to speak and know my side of root which I also want her to be proud of.
She has never been Japan… I don’t know if she has any chance to live over there in future.
When she go to school… she will forget about Japanese language.
so… I must speak and give her opportunity to know and learn anything Japan and Japanese things as much as I can.
I used to say Mixed sentences… but I started not to use them except Daddy, Mommy, or some words.
Manma means food in Japanese Baby word. I have said since she was born.
By the way…. Front of her… Daddy is daddy. I am Mommy(Daddy and her grandma called me Mama for her..though) His dad is Grand pa and his mom is grand ma.
My mom is Bahba(ばぁばit may sound bahba.. but there is long stroke sound between BA) and my dad is Jihji(じぃじsame as Bahba.. there is long stroke sound between Ji)

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As I wrote on last post, we received REAL Hina Doll yesterday.
It was early to decorate…. but I made my own hand made Hina Doll for her today.

It was a little rough though… but I made this while I was taking care of her and cooking her rice.
And this was my first time to make it!!
I will decorate them front of Real dolls and will take a picture!

Oh! When I received the box… there were something we needed every day life!!
Most of you may be surprised !!

Hello Kitty’s Toilet Rolls!!!! with strawberry scent!!!

Not a ONE!!

That many!!

When we got the box, Daddy was already at home( I don’t know why??? he behave very weird, so I asked him to sleep for a while)
so he did not know when the box came.
When he woke up… 6 Hello Kitty toilet rolls were on his couch with strawberry scent( ̄▽ ̄;)
He was going to put them in a box…. in The BOX!! There were more Hello KITTY!!!

Does anyone see good toilet rolls with nice scent in the States???
I found there was so many character toilet rolls in Japan, such as Pokemon, Doraemon!!
Hey! in Japan, we could buy about $4 for 12 rolls!! and the roll lasts longer than American one!!
5 boxes tissue are about $2!!!

If you have a chance to travel Japan… check them out!!

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We received a package today!!
BIG Surprise!!!!!!
I opened the box….. and saw something!!!!!

Another box…( ̄▽ ̄;)
1…2…3 boxes… but I remembered what are inside!!
They were parts of Hina Ningyo(ひなにんぎょう: Girl’s Festival Doll)
I was going to make Paper hina ningyo… I just told them how much I need her to see real one and I wished the doll set could be shipped.
The doll set is shared with my older sister.
There are 7 steps traditional one.
The top is for a prince and a princess… second.. third.. last two were furnitures.
well… Whole set will be so heavy and big… it was not whole set.. but that is enough.

It is early to open and set up… so I will put those boxes somewhere until I decorate them!!
Of course, I am going to make my paper Hina Ningyo and put them on next or front of them.

About Hina Matsuri, Check last post!! there are some links to know about it!!

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