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I helped Daddy’s Homework yesterday.
I had a frequent pain on Saturday… so, I needed him to do homework while we still had a time.
But! as usual… He did not do.
This was his final homework for a current class, so he had to make it with PowerPoint.
Unfortunately, He does not have one..well… he can not use it either.
So, He needed my help to finish his homework… as usual ^ ^;

I had asked him to do homework in the Tuesday morning!!
But.. of course… as usual… he did not do T_T
MIRACLE!!!when I woke up from afternoon nap, he was doing his homework!!!!!!!!!
He finished and printed out 2 pages…
I started PowerPoint… – -; Very annoying… he typed all capital letters!
I do not know why.. but he likes using capital letters.
It is hard to follow the lines.
No title each pages… so I did not know which one was still under the same title.
AND…. I had to correct his misspell,too – -;

well… while I was doing homework(HIS) I had to cook a dinner,too… and started hearing thunder…
I finally finished both of his homework and cook!!!!
I saved onto USB memory and checked the file onto my other computer.
GRAPH… was gone T_T
well.. we did not have a time.. he asked me to print out all pages(ask me earlier!!)
while my printer was working out, I ate my dinner.. and gave hana food..
THEN… he went to a school!!

After he came back from school, he showed me how it was going.
” They liked this part…. and that part,too!!… but we had many misspell!!”
“……. WE???? I corrected most of your misspell!! you had more!!! “
I gave lines for misspell on his papers….and he said…
“well.. I do not care about spelling. but she said she would give me [A]!!!”

– -; yeah… you do not care… but I care.. I will have hard to time to correct for you……

He got his FINAL EXAM!!
He will have to write 4 types of question( like a essay style)by July 2nd or something.
BUT… he has not gone for work this week so far…
He is still sleeping on a couch… right now… T_T

well… we will not have a time to do tomorrow.. the day after tomorrow..so on …
I do not know when he can do his final exam!!!!!
Good Luck DADDY!!! ^ ^


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We had a very strong storm today!!!
I was taking a nap that time… I heard thunder, so I got up and unplugged outlet.
When I saw through a window… it started hails!!
I told daddy and he decided to move our car under the garage.
When he opened a door, strong gusty wind and rain and large hails!!!
He repeated to open and close the door.
He put our laundry basked on his head… and went to move the car.
It seemed that even he was scared this storm.

After he came back, Storm was getting strong.. we saw some almost quarter size ones!!!!
Just in case, I closed a curtain at Hana’s place (Daddy opened soon after though ^ ^; )
Finally, we thought the storm was gone….. but hail again!!
About more than 10 minutes, we had hail and after Thant, we had very strong Thunder!!
Real Finally!! more than an house later, The storm was gone!!

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge
“I picked up one was close to me”
“Hail… looks an eyeball!!! ^ ^ “
“It started melting… but I measured it!!! “

AND.. I shop a movie on my digital camera,too!
Hana used to be scared of thunder, but she gets used it!!!
She wagged her tail with her favorite toy(named Piggy)
Oreo was meowing background.

Click to view
sorry.. I forgot that I could not rotate the picture for a movie…
I hope your neck will not hurt!!

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We have a blueberry tree(Tree?? or Bush??) in our back yard.
A previous owner of this house planted years ago.
First year, I just picked and eat them. They were so good!! ^_^V

Last year…
We had many blueberries!!!
YEAH!ヽ(▽ ̄ )乂(  ̄▽)ノ YEAH!!
(sorry if you do not have Japanese fonts… I am going to use Japanese Face marks)

See?? We got so many!!!

THEN… I wanted to try to make Jam… and a pie.
I used to work at a Crepes (like a French pancake) restaurant years ago( I was a manager!)
BUT!!! I was not good at dessert… so I found a simple recipe!!

I though it would be easier to buy a pie crust.
What was I thinking??? I tried to make one ( ̄ ̄ ̄∇ ̄ ̄ ̄;

Ladies and gentleman… My First time Bluebery Jam and PIE!!!!

Looks good!!!!!!!
I did not add so much sugar on it.. but very sweet and GOOD!!!!!
Pie looks good Right?
I did not have a kichen scale that time – -;
I used a postal scale which was only measured by 16oz.
On the recipe, ALL MEASUREMENT was… GRAM!!!!!!!!

but looks good right?
Taste was good!!
except… Pie crust was… like a rock T_T
My father-in-law came over and wanted to try… but I said”sorry, you couldn’t eat”..

Because… he does no have teeth!!!! ( ̄▽ ̄; )

This year, The blueberry tree is not so much good… but I saw them!!!
They are still small and green…

Umm……. I have not decided if I try both of jam and a pie this year…
(I got a kichen scale now,though)

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Daddy came back around lunch time today and asked me…

D(daddy): Did you have any sign today?!! #for Labor
H(Hana mama*me*): Umm…. yeah.. kind of…( at least I guessed)
D: Really??!! We have a measure right?
H: Yeah….
D: Where?? I’ll measure!!
H: ….?????
D: Our measure is centimeter right?
H: Yeah….
D: Where is it?
H: What will you measure ??
D: I will measure for you!!

He kept saying!!

D: I will measure for you,so we will know how close!!
H: We will not know how close even measure belly!
D: We will know!!
H: ??????????
D: because ………………

He was thinking that he could see and measure how many centimeter my cervix open (- -;)

H: You can not see it….. it is not opening outside!!
D: ????? so …. where???

I explained to him…..
If you could see how much open… that means… I am in a LAST PART OF LABOR!!! ^ ^;

D: I did not know… because this is my first time.

Excuse me… this is my first,too ^ ^;

We got a book of pregnancy from a hospital when we went to a briefing. (that was October)
His bookmark has not moved ” 7 months Pregnancy chapter”
Hello!!!!! the baby is almost coming!!!!

Please.. read a booklet from a hospital and a documents of insurance AT LEAST …. T_T

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I had not used Internet for a while when I came over here.
My in-law house does not have any computer nor internet.
so… I had to go to a library to check my website and e-mails.

While I was away from the net… Internet world was going so faster than before.
I first know “BLOG” and ” SNS” was from a newspaper!!!

I have many friends who mainly have a pet, because we got know each other through the websites.
BUT!!! whille I was away… I didn’t know how many people use THE BLOG.
Building website is not easy even if using a software… so…. many people might not feel to build a website.

I have had some blog for learning new things.
I joined a couple SNS(Social Network Service).
NOW……. what?!!
TAGS???? RSS????

I think I must learn and study much hard to know and use them and new stuff in these days ^ ^;

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I got a package from my parents recently.
Lots of Japanese foods and pictures with books.

One of book was Pregnancy Book when I was in her.
The book was for record and memory of how the pregnancy and the baby’s growing went.
That has been the law in Japan to have 1 book for 1 baby for years and years.

The other book was for after I was born with my pictures ^ ^
That was my record for many things , such as when I started walking… talking… etc..etc..

Most of my pictures are in Japan.
I asked her to send me some of them with those two books, so I may get some ideas for knowing our baby will go through.

I chose a couple of pictures!!

I was born 10 days late from due date.
My grand-ma had been staying and helping her a couple weeks before due date.
However!!!! even passed due date, I was still in my mom’s belly!
My grand-ma was thinking about going back to home once….
Then… I was born!!!

Left: I am looked sleepy?? may be after taking a bath or something….

Right: I worn a little knit…. that was my mom’s hand made^_^
She had made so many clothes and blankets for us.

Bottom:I think the picture was taken when I was a kindergarten.
That might be a summer festival(Bon Odori-Summer Dancing).
We worn Summer Kimonos( called YUKATA, 浴衣)

I want to tell and teach our baby about Japanese stuff,also I want the baby to wear Japanese traditional clothes.
I was born and grew up as a Japanese.. and I am still a Japanese.
I would like our baby to know bad things and good things about Japan as much as US.
Because our baby will have many precious chances to know both of countries.
I must know and understand about Japan much more though ^ ^;
so… that will be a good chance to me,too !!!!

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